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Winners - 2013 Pretty Pet Contest Winners Are...


And the winners are...


Drumroll please.  Husband just picked the winners...


Dog - Lilli owned by Maria

Cat - Lubbi in the sink owned by Booyah

Other - Girrty the Goat owned by Firebear

Honorable Mention to all the other pets who entered.  They are all beautiful!!!

If the winners will go over to the inbox on your right and compose me a private message with your mailing address I will get to work on painting the little lovelies!!  Firebear is it Girty with one "r" or two?  Please specify if you want your painting 'indian-fied' or not.  It can be a straight portrait as shown or I can put a bit of a native twist on them.  Just let me know.


Thanks everyone for entering and playing along!!  Such pretty babies you all have.  Congratulations to the winners!!


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Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on February 3, 2013 at 11:31pm

OhWow!! Lubbi was really happy she won. I told her it was a beauty contest and then had to buy her a teirra! I think that is how you sepll it LOL.....thank you so much Sasas for the contest. It sure was fun!

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