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We have been through a year of great peril to all Native People and this year will be little difference. The Despots that rule us under the guise ofGovernment continue to lay waste to our Lands, our Culture, our YOUNG! They chose what they will accept under their false faces. Under cover they do not even keep their own laws of their CONSTITUTION!! If they do not keep their word to themselves why do our leaders continue to think they will keep any word to us???? GREED must become a war word. Understand the destruction of our people, our lands, our Cultures, our Young!!! WE THE PEOPLE must UNITE......regardless of our differences.....the Haters must Cease or forever be known they led the ruin of our People.....This is my Wish for the new year, This is why I stayed instructions came from the Creator and from the Ancestors!! This Must be our Goal.

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Comment by Sassafras on January 13, 2014 at 8:09am

Thank you for the wise words of leadership Gregory!  May your wish come true!! 

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