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"My Father: a long time has passed since first we came upon our lands; and our people have all sunk into their graves. They had sense. We are all young and foolish, and do not wish to do anything that they would not approve, were they living. We are fearful we shall offend their spirits if we sell our lands; and we are fearful we shall offend you if we do not sell them. This has caused us great perplexity of thought, because we have counselled among ourselves, and do not know how we can part with our lands. My Father, we have sold you a great tract of land already; but it is not enough! We sold it to you for the benefit of your children, to farm and to live upon. We have now  but a little left. We shall want it all for ourselves. We know not how long we shall live, and we wish to leave some lands for our children to hunt upon. You are gradually taking away our hunting grounds. Your children are driving us before them. We are growing uneasy. What lands you have you may retain. But we shall sell no more."  ~~Metea, a Potowatami chief of the Illinois Nation



from Wikipedia:  Chief Metea or Me-te-a (1812–1827)(Potawatomi: Mdewé "Sulks") was one of the principal chiefs of the Potawatomi during the early 19th century. He frequently acted as spokesman at treaty councils. His village, Muskwawasepotan, was located on the St. Joseph River near the present-day town of Cedarville, Indiana.

He acted as principal Potawatomi informant to William Keating, during the 1823 expedition into the Indiana territory by Major Stephen Long.

Metea died at Fort Wayne, Indiana on May 5, 1827. His death was caused by accidental ingestion of poison, which he mistook for whiskey.

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