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Pomo Hohoaxe Dancers in front of the Eastern Pomo dance
house at Xa-be-ma-lolel - 1928 *Standing in back L-R: Tom Harness,
Lew-thiri (aka Johnny Bull); Pha-sin (aka Dick Green, aka Whiskey Head),
Sin-aph (aka Snap Bucknell) *Standing in front: Sa-qo-ba-kal (aka Bill
Green, aka Whiskey Bill)

from Wikipedia:

The Pomo people are an indigenous people of California. The historic Pomo territory in northern California was large, bordered by the Pacific Coast to the west, extending inland to Clear Lake, and mainly between Cleone and Duncans Point. One small group, the Northeastern Pomo of the Stonyford vicinity of Colusa County, was separated from the core Pomo area by lands inhabited by Yuki and Wintuan speakers. The name Pomo derives from a conflation of the Pomo words [pʰoːmoː] and [pʰoʔmaʔ].[1] It originally meant "those who live at red earth hole" and was once the name of a village in southern Potter Valley near the present-day community of Pomo.[2] It may have referred to...


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