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A native plant traditionally used as an antifungal, antibacterial & disinfectant to slow the growth of bacteria and kill it.

Chaparral also known as Creosote is a plant that contains properties that have been known to slow the growth of bacteria and kill it. Native people of the southwest have used it on cuts, bites, stings and puncture wounds and as a mouthwash. Sprayed on feet it has been said to help fungal itch and kill fungus. Many have found relief for psoriasis and eczema and cold sores. Some have used it to kill the fungus related to human papilloma virus and paronychia.

Used in small amounts and over short periods creosote has been used to treat fungal infections in the body and taken orally, in particular when there is a suggestion of an autoimmune response, allergy or parasite.

Consult with a doctor and/or herbalist for this application.

THE PLANT: A relatively small tree with leaves that are heavy in oils. When it rains in the high desert it is the creosote's scent that fills the air. It was a staple plant used widely by Native Americans in the southwest.

Creosote is not for everyone, it is strong and should be used with care, never internally by pregnant women or children.

Note: It will stain skin and fabric. Color washes/wears off in a day's time. It will also stain clothing, be careful.

Officially, the Creosote bush plant is called Larrea Tridentata and many refer to it as "chaparral" as a medicinal herb. It is prominent in the deserts of the south and western U.S.

A tea of the leaves is used by  many tribes of the Southwest and used as a treatment for respiratory problems, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, chicken pox, dysmenorrhea, and snakebite.  Unfortunately the US Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about the health hazards of ingesting chaparral today as it is said there is a risk of liver and kidney damage.  Enter at your own risk.  

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