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I am starting this "lesson" out with a question.. After letting certain people into your home, have you ever along with other members of your immediate family members present, ever started bickering and feuding and tempers flare out of the clear blue AFTER the certain people leave?

Also, there is another effect that can and does happen too...A person or persons can be sitting down and physically fall asleep, and it is not because of old age or if you fed them and they have a full stomach...

Your HOME is your own very physical and spiritual sanctuary.  Everything down to your strand of hair left in a hairbrush is your essence, your presence of your soul, that imprints inside and outside that House!

When a negative or contrary to your essences, comes into the realm of your sanctuary, it is like a tsunami wave hitting all at once causing physical and spiritual causing damage and ruin. That is why you and your other family members react so violently.  It is a literal invasion upon your peace and tranquillity, that you and your family melded energies have created over a period of time being within the created "Home." 

Being Spiritual workers my husband and I, we have found that no matter how much sage, cedar, sweet grass and tobacco in bowls and spiritual artefacts we have in and throughout our "Home/Sanctuary". Unless you are fully prepared and know who and what (you or a family member) lets across your threshold, you need to brace yourselves for a physical and spiritual tremor!

The way to combat it is to be prepared to smudge and holy water ASAP! After they leave to cleanse your home and you and your family members, or if particularly difficult, offer them a TRADITIONAL welcome and smudge them too... Please note... holy water can be added to the coffee or tea...  ;)

On the more positive side, If a person or persons fall asleep in your home, do not take it the wrong way! it only means you are not a boring means ALL the energies including them are aligned and your "Home" is that peaceful and tranquil. 
I have had many come into my home over the years, and some has actually fell asleep while holding a and some has said my home felt like a warm and cozy blanket wrapped around them physically and spiritually and that they just could not help themselves!

So...Hope this lesson  helps you understand how energies do work that surround you and your family and how you can recognize them in your environment. 

Please Note :- While not wishing to be either paranoid or disrespectful, anything that enters your home in regards to furniture, artefacts, art work, replicas or even Regalia unless you or your closest family have made should be cleansed... NOT because it is a definite source of negative, but that you do not know who has handled it. It may be the new chair you bought had someone sit on it to try it out who had a very bad day and their upset washed over it, it may be the workers at the factory who made the replica have a gripe with management and that carries over. To any who walk the long path of spirit, who are in tune with the ancestral ways, these influences can impact on your emotions and feelings... Besides, we all get a little *coughs* lazy sometimes, so a new item means we smudge, and smudge and prayer never hurts. You have all seen the cleaning wipes in the supermarket to wipe the trolley handles... No difference!

By: ShaunaSay WhiteFeather

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Comment by Sassafras on September 12, 2015 at 7:48am

Thank you Shauna for an insightful article! 

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