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Osage Cherokee Delaware - A Brief History of Claremore, Oklahoma

Chief Glahmo aka Chief Clermont, his wife and child. Art Credit: George Catlin, 1841

A Brief History of Claremore, Oklahoma "In the early 1800s, Oklahoma was considered to be the center of the Great American Desert. What is now Claremore was once a vast wilderness practically uninhabited except for wild animals.

In 1802, Major Jean Pierre Chouteau encouraged a band of Osage Indians to locate to a 25 acre mound along the Verdigris River to hunt and trap animals for trade. Chief Glahmo settled his village with 400-500 Osage Indians from Missouri on this mound, now known as Claremore Mound.

The top of the mound was flat and over 100 feet above the river and plains and presented a natural fortification. The area allowed the tribe to continue their livelihood of hunting and trapping. It has caves, excellent for curing and storing hides. The mound became known as Clermont, French for 'clear mountain' and Glahmo became known as Chief Clermont.

Chief Clermont was an impressive figure, very strong and highly intelligent. He was referred to as the 'builder of towns', an eloquent speaker and a master politician.

The Cherokee tribe, through a series of federal treaties, were forced from their eastern home to new lands in northeast Oklahoma by way of the infamous Trail of Tears. They were given title to land which included Clermont Mound and for several years sought to remove the Osage village.

When the Cherokee hunters tried to assert their hunting rights along the Verdigris River, the Osage were away on a hunting trip. Chief Clermont was killed and buried on the mound. Sometime during the years following the Clermont Mound Massacre, the Delaware Chief, John Bullette, obtained permission to re-establish Clermont as a Delaware Indian city on Cherokee land.

In 1874 the post office was established with the intention of naming the town after Chief Clermont. However, due to a clerical error, the name was listed as Claremore, and so it was.

In 1883, the Indian Commission granted a square mile for the present site of Claremore to be platted and sold, with the money to go to the Cherokee treasurer."
~adapted from information from the Claremore Chamber of Commerce

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Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on November 9, 2010 at 6:30pm
A clerical error on the name......hmmmm.......sounds suspicious to me. Good story on our history. Wado for posting!

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