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Mother Earth People Inter-tribal Traditional Pow Wow May 5th & 6th 2012

May 5, & 6, 2012 Mother Earth People Inter-tribal Traditional Pow Wow

MEPIC POW WOW MAY 5, & 6, 2012, Saturday, Sunday 10:00a.m. to dusk each day, rain or shine.

HEAD STAFF: Master of Ceremony: Bobby WhiteBird - Cheyenne, Master of Ceremony: Michael A. Reifel - San Carlos - Apache, Arena Director: Eugene Newman - Shawnee, Spiritual Advisor: Hershal Kaulaituy-Cheyenne, Head Gourd Dancer - Steve Bohay - Kiowa, Respected Gourd Dancer David Lascano - Mescalero Apache, ...Head Man: Earl Steen - Muscogee Creek, Whipman: Carl Provost - Oglala Lakota, Host Drum: Black Lodge Singers of White Swan, Washington. Head Southern Drum: Hale and Company, Head Northern Drum: Blue Star, Cuauhtemoc - Aztec Dancers, Flute Player: Steve Rushingwind - Cahuilla.


Pow Wow Co-ordinator Moreena Rocha Chavez, All Drums and Dancers Welcome. Our location is alongside an old riverbed, 840 acres of nature, impressive stands of cottonwood and willows all naturally landscaped. Group camping, RV camping, picnic sites, showers, hiking handicap nature trails, Water Park Saloon for the kids & families. Native American demonstration, craft classes, storytelling, with more than 14 teepees in Village. A Volunteer booth will be posted for those willing to assist in keeping the event a clean enviroment. Pow Wow patch will be available @ POW WOW. $10.00 Park fee for up to six people in one Car per Day, $2.00 for each Walk in. Location: Mojave Narrows Regional Park, 18000 Yates Road, Victorville CA, 92392 Pow Wow Coordinator - Moreena Rocha Chavez (760) 245-2398 Camping Reservation # 1-877-387-2757 or on-line at park info (760) 245-2226 Reservations must be made 24 hrs in advance Dry Camping $20.00 per night, up to 4 people, RV hook-ups $30.00 up to 4 people, 1 vehicle per fee, $10.00 day fee included. Camp under Willows and Cottonwood Trees.. Rates subject to change. ~~ Venders information~~ (760) 245-2398  Pow Wow Coordinator: Moreena Rocha Chavez (760) 245-2398

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