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Dear Brothers and Sisters:

It HAS been a long time in communication, some very huge life changes has taken place.
I have been for the past few years since 2010 an Ambassador for Indigenous Natives of America. 
Traveling and sharing with multi peoples of multi cultures, heritage’s, thoughts and collective wisdoms, spirituality, legend keepers stories, dances etc.
The experiences have been priceless and very humbling indeed. The honour alone of being used as an instrument of the Creator and represent the ones who have walked before us has no words in any language to describe the privilege given.

I ask for all Brothers and Sisters to send prayers up in the sacred smoke for this endeavour of sharing and teaching, in bringing together the survival of human thoughts, wisdoms and cultures and heritages. 

I will mention this only once because of previous members and friends has asked me this question on several occasions..

I am absolutely broken away from Any and All association to the former organization that was known as RedNation (of the Cherokee).  The Native marriage of (Tate) no longer exists either and  has also been over also for many years too, because of differences in beliefs and purposes.
As you can see, I have continued on with my life and convictions, for what was the original ideals for what was started.  If anyone wants to fault me for following my heart and convictions for my people, then I am quite guilty. 
The new “RedNation” wesite is not really new except for a face lift and elimination of some rough edges with a Renewed and firmer dedication to being a “Teaching Nation” worldwide.

It would be deeply appreciated that facts are now straightened and no more further explanations are needed. Although, cyber net still holds old information out there and rarely updates.  And also the fact  there are some who half read only what they want to read and make judgements  on only partial sentences taken out of context like  one fraud site I was reading and had a wonderful laugh over. 
But, as I remember growing up through life, a comment that stuck with me made by a Southern Baptist Minster I sat under at a youth convention.. 

“Anytime, anyone who are doing their best and trying to do good in this world, there will always be the (other side) who will do what they do best, to disrupt and cause confusion. Especially going out of their way to make the good appear anyway bad just to place even the slightest doubt in people’s minds, taking great joy in feeling they accomplished just that! 
So, think before sitting in God’s seat and judge without knowing the person or persons personally or knowing all the facts involved about the person or persons or subject. And last but not least, if one was not doing good and being what IS good, evil would not take great pains in going after you if you were on their side to begin with.."

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Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on December 19, 2014 at 4:44pm

Osiyo is good to hear from you and to know you are doing well.

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