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It has been a long time , many , many month have past since you last heard from me,

To the people who stood by me, and tried to keep my spirits up , I still want to Thank you till this day.I have not forgotten your kindness , nor your friendship.A lot of things have happened, since we all last communicated, most things I had no control over, At this moment in time I have been separated from family, both my boys and my husband for the last 6 month..It has been hard, I was deported from Canada on the 8th of December 2012 and now I am back in Germany...My husband is trying hard to keep my boys and his own spirit up.

I do not know why, but today is the first time , Thanks to Sassafras posting something , that I received a notification in my email.Mind you I have been without a real computer for the last 6 months so I could not keep up with anything.

I believe me writing now is been lead by the spirit, So here I am...I look forward to hearing from all of you who remember me..I hope your life has been blessed with great gifts...

this is my website I build before I had to leave Canada

Love , Light and protection to you and yours


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Comment by Ziggy Menzel on April 15, 2013 at 11:59am

I am sorry to reply again to your post, I know you are busy looking around the website and commenting and looking at great videos and pictures and great writings of other members. I need spiritual uplift , I think that is why the spirit has lead me back here. This website as always been blessed with good honest people, who are are as real I believe in person as they are in the virtual world. I have been attacked many times now, not only because of my website, but also on my character. Since what has happened to my family, people think  it is not true, but as I sit here 8.000 miles away, I think people finally have realized I was telling the truth, and the mud they threw at me, was unjustified and now are embarrassed ..

I was arrested on the 8th of December 2012 at around 7.30am....I just came back from walking my dogs , just before I closed my apartment door, the door flew open , with 5 immigration officers storming my apartment .My front tooth was cracked I was thrown on the floor by force.With one officer sitting on my back pulling my head back , another holding a gun to my head, another handcuffing me, the other 2 officers held my husband back and he also had a Gun to his head.....

It happened so fast, and I felt like I was a harden criminal...I was led away that day , and have not seen my boys or my husband since...

I was placed in a van, and when I entered music was playing  in the van was playing  I will never forget that..

When I was singing to it, the Boarder guards officers, got angry and changed the channel of the Radio.

I was told by a woman guard,in the van, You can Thank you husband for this, How dare you husband ask for his human rights and his Canadian Charter of Rights to be taken into consideration .She said we are the law,

2 Days before my husband and I were called into the the immigration office at Airport Road in Mississauga in Ontario, where there was an exchanged between my husband and a officer Maus .My husband ask him to let me stay in the country I was his wife, and it would not only be devastating to him, but to my boys. UNDER THE HUMAN RIGHTS Law and Canadian Charter of Rights He was told the Boys do not need a mother they old enough to look after themselves , because they off age now...

But he was laughed at and told they is not law like that in this office, my husband got up and told me to get up and leave.......

So I was arrested, I was not placed in a immiration holding center but In a woman's prison called VANIER in Brampton , and was registered under a faults surname so my husband could not visit me.

I was vaccinated by force , humiliated, was asked to sign my deportation papers which I refused, my rights to have a lawyer was refused, 3 weeks into me been in prison I had a hearing, I had no lawyer present was told in so many words to bad so sad...I was asked again to sign my deportation papers, I refused, I was then led away thinking I would go back to my cell, but instead was placed in isolation stripped naked and humiliated  about my scars on my body, was given a thin blanket in a cold cell on a Decembers night...My hands turned blue it was that cold.Anyway they cracked and broke my spirit with that treatment, The next day the immigration people ask again , to sign my deportation papers which I did..I was afraid I would be lost in the  system, because they gave me a wrong surname..on the 23 of December 2012 I was put on a plane and deported to Germany...with one pair of pants my slippers, a t shirt and a jacket and undergarment.

I know now what it is like to be treated less than human or have my rights been taken away..My heart cry's for you now my brothers and sister the way you have suffered and still suffering and been oppressed ..I never thought I would experience such treatment in a Place called Canada...I love the country but feel ashamed of the people who are so heartless and have no feelings towards other fellow human citizen ..

But as you can see from the link and news they violate human rights and have no basic knowledge and common understanding , of the Laws...

I need prayer for wisdom , protection for all people who are oppressed, and abused by the system.Also prayers for my family my husband and boys , for strength  for all of us to be together again..

Thank you for letting me write this, I could write more , but I think this covers the basic stuff what happened to me

Love , Light and protection..

Comment by Sassafras on April 15, 2013 at 10:29am

You and your husband are very brave Ziggy.  Telling cannot be easy but the abusers need the light thrown on them and their darkness.  I have heard very similar stories from my sister who was taken as a visitor to a native school in a nearby state and it was pointed out to her the places where children who were murdered by their abusers (supposed caretakers) were buried in unmarked graves down by a riverside.  These atrocities have to stop and by bringing them out of the background and into the forefront we can hope greater oversight of and investigations into people's character can be had before they are allowed to care for children.  Again, many blessings on you and yours and may you all soon be together again!  Please keep us posted as you are able and come around when you need a spiritual uplift as you are loved and appreciated here and we miss your presence.  ~Sassafras

Comment by Ziggy Menzel on April 15, 2013 at 10:22am

Thank you Saccafras, for welcoming me back in your circle , It is Thanks to you that I have returned , I received a notification a few minutes ago.. The Website got me into a lot of trouble, but I will keep it going.

Comment by Sassafras on April 15, 2013 at 10:17am

Ziggy, so great to hear from you!  I am deeply saddened to hear that you have to be away from your family!  Thank you for your courage and advocacy to get the word out on the abuses your site covers.  I wish you and yours all good things my sister!

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