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I come today with a Smile for you and a Prayer that you all are well and walking in Happiness and Beauty. I am sorry for my neglect in keeping open communication for everyone however, as some know, I have had much healing to do. This healing has been for an entire vision of myself and the growth chhanges I have needed. I have much to say about these changes and how life is proceeding in answer to my questions for Creator. It would seem that Creator made my lessons and directions very, Very clear. Now, I will attempt to be much more involved here as I was in the past and the joy of talking with my Brothers and Sisters here! For now....Hozho!

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Comment by Sassafras on August 4, 2014 at 5:44am

Heya Brother Long Gone but Not Forgotten!!!  Great to hear from you.  We are well here, off this a.m. to the children's NDN mission to make donation of goods that they use for a garage sale to raise funds.  My boys met a brother Cherokee this week who's living down 'in Squatch country' here in the Cherokee Nation in a tent.  He bought a bee-bee gun off of them in order to keep the critters at bay.  My loving generous and beautiful Cherokee egg lady lives in a shipping container (way before it was cool).  I say all this to help us remember we have problems but so do many of our relations here on this planet that has been too long in the hands of the greedy soulless corporations.  I am gladdened to hear of your healing.  The journey to enlightenment and insight can be rough for us.  I've been struck low a few times here lately.  I keep thinking it's Creator's way of getting us to refocus on what's important and that at times we cannot do for others as it is their turn to do for us.  None of us too high, and none too low.  A balance of blessings.  It's been difficult for me not to do for my family and having them do for me.  That D*&%!Rn pride.  Would love to learn more of your lessons and directions.  We all have a ways to go for the earth and it's inhabitants slip back into alignment and harmony.  Meat in the way of corrections and instructions always helpful!  Glad to see you back!!!!  ~Sassafras

Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on July 23, 2014 at 6:00pm

I am soooooooooooo happy to hear from you dear brother. I know you have been through so many physical challenges in the last 2 years. We have missed you dear one at this site. I am so glad you are back. Your words of wisdom have touched us all here. I am doing well out here in California. I feel blessed ny the Creator every day to be walking upon our Mother Earth every day!!!!

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