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Micco Menawa' translates Chief Menawa. He was also known by the Natives as (Hothlepoya) meaning 'Crazy War Hunter'. He should be honored and remembered for his putting his life on the line to save his people.


Micco Menawa was of one of the Upper Muscogee/Creek homeland defense Chiefs who fought vigorously against his peoples culture being destroyed and their land being stolen by the arrogant white intruders.


He was one of the most fierce war leaders of the Red Sticks warriors would fought to stop the invasion and
genocide of the Eastern Native Peoples Nations when the Manifest Destiny attitude prevailed during a period as sadly it still does in many minds. Micco Menawa fought bravely at Horseshoe Bend 1814. This was the last Creek vs. American battle.


The Andrew Jackson war party only won because of Gen. Jackson convincing the Cherokee that if they helped him capture or kill the Red Stick warriors they could get to stay on their land. Well they believed him and fought
for him killing over half of the 800 Red Stick Warriors. DO you remember the Trial of Tears?  Andrew was not a man of his word.


Micco Menawa survived the last battle severely injured recovered to come back and Killed Micco Mc intosh for selling their land out from under them without many chiefs and peoples approval. Micco Menawa died on the long foot walk form the deep south where thousands of native people were force ably removed from their home lands by blood thirsty arrogant General and President Andrew Jackson to Oklahoma long years before the Trial of Tears. His resting place is unknown along with thousands of others who died.


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