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Caption:  Eagle Reflection, I'm sorry I don't know what photographer took this amazing photo in order to give them proper credit.

I'd like to point out a website to you folks who like to watch the birds.  Eagle Watch is at Swepco Lake near Siloam Springs and Gentry, Arkansas.  This is quite near my house, just over the state line in Arkansas.  I drive by here almost weekly on my trip to the grocery at Gentry.  Their website has some really nice Bald Eagle photos, at the bottom of page 1 and mostly all of page 2 are of eagles at the Eagle Watch Nature Trail.  There is an area even closer to my house in Oklahoma where I frequently spot bald eagles on the river.  I've been keeping my eye on them as I am in the middle of a commission negotiation to do a painting that will feature a bald eagle.  Enjoy the pics!

click here:

Bald Eagles in Northwest Arkansas

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