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I Thank You all for your support during this time of difficulty for me, without which I believe I could not have survived emotionally. This family has been the bow, the strength for my back to stand strong, it has been the blanket to warm my heart in the depth of cold dispair, you all have given me words that allowed me to get by yet one more day down this trail we call life. I stand Humbled and Honored that you have found me worthy of your care. May Creator Bless You always with all that you may ever need and those desires that are good for your Spirit....and may you Walk in Beauty...Always! Pidamayelo!

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Comment by Sassafras on September 29, 2011 at 10:44pm

I found this quote this evening and it reminded me of the battle you've been going through...hope you find inspiration to stand strong during the hard times in order to win the bigger war.


"Wars, can be of either high or low intensity...The more that a conflict comes to rely on political, economic

or psychological means, and the less it uses military force (i.e., 'low-intensity conflict'), the more difficult

it can be for the Native to understand the root cause of their oppressed living conditions.


In addition to routine police abuse inflicted on Native peoples, the selective use of military-police violence

against Indigenous resistance can also be seen in recent examples, including Wounded knee 1973, Oka

1990, Gustafsen Lake & Ipperwash 1995, and Burnt Church 2000-01. These incidents reveal the true

nature of the colonial system; it is this use of force that ultimately enables the system to impose its will.


"There is another type of warfare waged on the native. It is waged against the mind of the natives. This

type of warfare is every bit as dirty and deadly as the ones with guns. The casualties are the drunks, drug

addicts & suicides. The casualty rate is high. There are Indians

walking around dazed  and confused suffering from identity crisis. 

This is one of the wars the modem warrior has to fight. To fight

any kind of war, one needs courage, knowledge of the enemy, &

strategic planning. The biggest single requirement is


  Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall, The Warrior's Handbook, p.10."

Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on September 29, 2011 at 12:16am
If I could sing like Tammy Wynette right now I would sing 'STAND BY YOUR MAN"  but sorry brother I cannot sing. I would change it to "STAND BY OUR MEN" like Sass said!!
Comment by Sassafras on September 28, 2011 at 3:29pm
Got to support our brothers!  When men (and I mean that in all it's various shades of meaning) are so hard to be found today we need to back up you fellows who are out there working for the people and trying to do right by folks.  May Creator continue to bless your journey and may all goot things come to you!
Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on September 28, 2011 at 10:45am
You know we all love you here my dear brother!!  You have been the strength for many of us during rough times.  I am so proud to call you my friend! You are one in a million.....well maybe a million and a half with today's population!  

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