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Here's wishing you all a Happy and Healthful New Year in 2013!  I've been busy the last two years and have not been able to work on the site as much as I would like.  I moved twice, which meant selling our home TWICE over and all that it entails.  We are busy right-sizing our lifestyle - not based on economic reasons but for well-being reasons.  Welcomed is the fact that it meant that I got to move back inside the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation. 

Funny in a coincidental (or is it spiritual? way) is the generic avatar Blue Moon Tree that is the logo for this site?  I have an oak tree and pine trees in my front yard that looks nearly the same!  Today here in Oklahoma it is snowing outside so it looks even more so the same.  This similarity is not something I even noticed until we had been here about 3 months - duh, the leaves had to drop.  Many of you know that I paint native themed art and that logo is one of the things I have painted, oh maybe it was 2 years ago now. 

 (see Blue Moon Avatar under Sassafras's pictures)


Somehow when I picked that avatar picture almost four or five years back my pschye KNEW this is where I needed to be.  OR, is it that this particular tree form is now burned into my subconscious????  Can't wait for a full moon to show up behind it at just the right moment when I have my camera standing at the ready near by. SNAP!!!


The tree stands outside my front door and I will think of you, my fellow Native Quotes and Brilliancers when I see it!  You ARE brilliant and can shine and make a difference wherever you are.


Recently I got to go see the newly out film, "Cherokee Word for Water", which was AWESOME.  (check out two videos about the movie that I uploaded today here on NQ&B in the video section.)  It is based on the community of Bell, Oklahoma and their need for a public water system*.


The theme of the movie and the real life story it is based on is a Cherokee tradition.  That tradition is gadugi (pronounced Gah-Do-Ghee).  It means community based works.  Traditionally Cherokees work communally in gardens and in other ways to help our own people.  We, too, can work together in many different ways to help ourselves.  Self-determination was an often spoken of thing for Indian peoples back in the 70's and 80's.  It is still a valid concept.  We can determine to make things better for ourselves and our people.  YOU can and do make a difference.  Here on this website and in your own part of the world. 


Do what you can where you are. 


Today, if you know of an elder, please check on them.  And after that I'd like to challenge you to plan your charity work for the year - your gadugi.  This year my sons and I are concentrating on one particular Indian mission that has a children's home attached.  We have a very special project already underway to make a better year for these future tribal leaders.

So, that's a short update on me and mine.  Tell us...


What is going on in your neck of the woods?  Goot times???? 


Meanwhile I hope that you and yours have a very special Happy New Year and a GREATLY rewarding 2013!   


Including...Lots of love, hugs and frybread grease! 




P.S.  *on communities needing a public water system.  My new house?  I bought because it has a well - the downside?  There is no public water system here.  If my well pump goes out or the well goes dry?  We'll be hauling water just like the people of Bell, OK had to do.  The community I now live in has one of the heaviest numbers of private well water systems in the state.  Why?  The ground is full of rocks and we have no public water system.  Nearest public water is 3 1/2 miles away.  I'm lucky - I go to a nearby spring IF I WANT.  I like the taste of the spring water best.  But I have a choice.  If the community works to put in a water system, I'm planning on being there and allowing access across our land. However, I do rather enjoy having no water bill though!  :D

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Comment by Sassafras on January 4, 2013 at 10:49am

Hey Booyah - Felix will be in goot company with Boo2, Tuxedo & Lubbi!  Careful lest you become d'catlady!  :D  You are owned by the cats yes???  They certainly don't allow us to own them. 


Stay dry my sister!  When we first moved here it rained for two weeks solid.  Much needed, but thought I'd place-warped to Oregon or somethun'!  Found out we moved to a place called "Lightning Hill".  Funny the things these realtors and sellers do not tell us!  I love a great storm and have a nice porch to watch them roll in and over. 

We are now enthralled with the chipmunk who bunks next door, and number1son built him a rock condo where we put out fresh water daily and the occasional seeds.  Chip's a hoot and a real quick'one!  Amazing is how long one can sit still and not move a muscle...maybe 15-20 minutes at a time.


We are serenaded each night by the coyotes.  And, the ol' trickster came walking right down the middle of the road the other morning as if he owns the place. 


We've had to learn all new birds as many who live here did not live in the other portions of the state that I've lived in the past.


Love to your fam -2 & 4 legged from Sas!!!


Comment by Charlotte..aka..Booyah on January 2, 2013 at 1:53am

Sass Happy New Year!! It is so great to hear from you. I know you had been busy and WOW how busy. Glad you are settled in your new home. How great is that about the avatar? It is like the Creator already knew back then where you would end up. We have had lots of rain here in California. It is good for the lawn and brings down my water bill too. Snow only in our mountains. So glad you got snow as it makes the holidays feel more festive. I have a new addition to my family now. A little cat we rescued in Big Bear. He came to us 8 months ago and it has taken us this long to get him to trust us. Every weekend we were driving up there to care for him as we work 170 miles away. We had friends like 3 Hawks helping during the week to care for this little guy. We named him Felix. He is home with us now and is getting along great. Felix makes 4 now. He is no longer cold, hungry or lonely. He has a family and we feel blessed to have him. Now we don't haver to make the drive every weekend I can spend more time here. Again so glad to hear from you :) Thank you for reminding us to check up on our elders. It is good for all of us to give back as we have all received things in our lives. Aho dear one!

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