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Plants - Cascara Sagrada

Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus purshiana)

Synonyms: Frangula purshiana, Rhamnus purshianus, Cascara Sagrada, Cascara Buckthorn, Cascara, Bearberry, Chittam, Chitticum.

Cascara Sagrada is a species of buckthorn native to…


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Animals - Birds: Bald Eagles

Caption:  Eagle Reflection, I'm sorry I don't know what photographer took this amazing photo in order to give them proper credit.

I'd like to point out a website to you folks who like to watch the birds.  Eagle Watch is at Swepco Lake near Siloam Springs and Gentry, Arkansas.  This is quite near…


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Pomo - The Pomo People


Pomo Hohoaxe Dancers in front of the Eastern Pomo dance

house at Xa-be-ma-lolel - 1928 *Standing in back L-R: Tom Harness,

Lew-thiri (aka Johnny Bull); Pha-sin (aka Dick Green, aka Whiskey Head),

Sin-aph (aka Snap Bucknell)…


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Quote - Man's Heart

"Man's heart away from nature becomes hard."  ~~Standing Bear, Ponca…


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Plants - Fireweed

Fireweed:  "Fireweed is also a medicine of the Upper Inlet Dena'ina, who treat pus-filled boils or cuts by placing a piece of the raw stem on the afflicted area. This is said to draw the pus out of the cut or boil and prevents a cut with pus in it from healing over too quickly.  The root can be…


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Kansa, Osage, Potawatomi, Kaw - Vice President Charles Curtis

Caption:  Charles Curtis shown in center behind the hand-shakers.

I always enjoy a day when I can learn something new. Today, it's the fact that we had a Vice President in the United States who was of Native American ancestry. Charles…


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Mohawk - Chief Hendrick...We desire to hear no more of you...


 "Brother when we came here to relate our Grievances about our Lands, we expected to have something done for us, and we have told you that the Covenant Chain of our Forefathers was like to be broken, and brother you tell us that we shall be redressed at Albany, but we know them so well,…


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Quote - Cherokee : Oconostota

 "I have never run from an enemy, but I walked fast up a branch once."  ~Chief Oconostota, Cherokee


Oconostota's grave at the Chota memorial, in Monroe County, Tennessee.



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Osage - Ballerina Maria Tallchief Passes

Maria Tallchief, AP Photos

To read more about Maria Tallchief's life and passing click here:

Osage Ballerina Maria Tallchief Passes

To read more…


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Plants - Chaparral a/k/a Creosote

A native plant traditionally used as an antifungal, antibacterial & disinfectant to slow the growth of bacteria and kill it.

Chaparral also…


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Plants - Horsetail

Horsetail is commonly used as a soothing diuretic. It reduces fluid build up around the ankles, wrists and mid sections of the body. It also reduces kidney stone formation through the…

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Plants - Holy Basil 'Holy (Sacred) Green' and 'Holy Red'

Holy Basil - Ocimum sanctum

Holy Green:

Holy Green Basil has a long tradition of use in Ayurvedic medicine and is a well-known…

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Plants - Indian Paintbrush a/k/a Castilleja or Prairie Fire


Castilleja, commonly known as the Indian Paintbrush and also called Prairie-fire.


The flowers of Indian paintbrush are edible, and were consumed in moderation by various Native American tribes as a condiment with other fresh greens. These plants have a…


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Winners - 2013 Pretty Pet Contest Winners Are...


And the winners are...


Drumroll please.  Husband just picked the winners...


Dog - Lilli owned by Maria

Cat - Lubbi in the sink owned by Booyah…


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Plants - Navajo/Hopi Tea a/k/a Greenthread


Thelesperma megapotamicum is better known as either Navajo Tea or Hopi Tea. This herb has been gathered and prepared by these tribes for many centuries. The flower on this herb stands out in a radiant yellow beam extending from its long slender stalks. This perennial is also known as T. gracile. The…


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Contest - January 2013 Beloved "Pretty Pet" Contest


My babies, Sweet Black Toffee and Miss Carmel Corn




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Creek - Micco Menawa or Hothlepoya


Micco Menawa' translates Chief Menawa. He was also known by the Natives as…


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Creek - Micco Chitto Harjo or Crazy Snake


Micco Chitto Harjo, 1846 - 1911, pronounced Ce-toe Ha-ar-jo, meaning Brave

Snake, while some called him Crazy Snake. Micco means Chief. 


Chief Brave Snake was a passionate and

charismatic Muscogee/Creek speaker and political warrior for his peoples culture



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2013 - Happy New Year!!!

Here's wishing you all a Happy and Healthful New Year in 2013!  I've been busy the last two years and have not been able to work on the site as much as I would like.  I moved twice, which meant selling our home TWICE over and all that it entails.  We are busy right-sizing our lifestyle - not based…


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