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November 2009 Blog Posts (6)

Health - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Among Native Americans

Please click here to read more about how drinking affects unborn babies in the womb and how it affects native populations:

Fetal Alcohol

"It is imperative that all women learn of the… Continue

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Kiowa - Santana - I love this land...

"I love this land and the buffalo and will not part with it. I want you to understand well what I say. Write it on paper...I hear a great deal of good talk from the gentlemen the Great Father sends us, but they never do what they say. I don't want any of the medicine lodges (schools and churches) within the country. I want the children raised as I was.

I have heard you intend to settle us on a reservation near the mountains. I don't want to… Continue

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Maliseet - If We Forget

"As a people, we can't forget our heritage and traditions. For if we forget where we came from, we can lose sight of who we are." ~~ Canuuk of the Maliseet
Click here to Learn More about Maliseet

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Causes - Native American Soldiers - American Citizenship

"The Indian, though a man without a country, the Indian who has suffered a thousand wrongs considered the white man's burden and from mountains, plains and divides, the Indian threw himself into the struggle to help throttle the unthinkable tyranny of the Hun. The Indian helped to free Belgium, helped to free all the small nations, helped to give victory to the Stars and Stripes. The Indian went to France to help avenge the ravages of autocracy. Now, shall we not redeem ourselves by… Continue

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Each of You

This site is a place of beauty, where the colors of the rainbow may come together to bring beauty to all that is. May each of you know that it is your insights, your flavor for live, a desire to be one with all that is that brings the seven colors of the rainbow to a unity that is surely known right here. Always believe in your own self....see the beauty given you in your mirror each day or in a still pond if you have that pleasure..and know this reflection shows no lies..only is… Continue

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Creek/Muscogee - Este Capko (Tall Man)

"This creature is described as being very thin, so thin that he could stand up against a tree and hardly be noticed. It blends in with the trees and can be looking straight at you and you would never know. It is said, one can hear him at night, making a thrashing sound. This sound is 'Tall Man' hitting trees with a broken limb or branch.

It is said, when he whistles, it is very shrill. Also, it is said, that his eyes are positioned… Continue

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