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Which Path Will You Walk

Which Path Will You Walk?

Step into wooded areas

Where no path leads your way

Allow spirits to guide you

That your journey becomes your destination

Look to the standing ones

They see what you do not

Walk carefully upon Earth Mothers face

She will not lead you astray

Sit with the ancients

Rock People know more than you

Feel their energy

And return this with love

Smell the fragrance of all your… Continue

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Grandmother Moon

Grandmother Moon

Star People wait in council

Night creatures stir in anticipation

Soon she will arrive

She will not be late

Mighty mountains see her first

Their eyes squinting with her first light

Brighter now, Stars dim

Her brilliance fills eastern sky

Spirits give way

She takes her place

Grandmother Moon is here

Healing begins

Illuminator of dark times

You refresh our soul

Revealer of real… Continue

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Of Wolves and People

Today is Saturday, Oct 17 and was Wolf Awareness day at our animal rehab center here. The handlers brought out two of the new wolf pups, which are now at 80+ pounds to use with an educational experience with the public. I got to spend the full half hour with these wolves...pure bred by the way...and pet them and get licked all over by them and then shared the story of Chief Dan George and his wolf song for his grandson, and the Cherokee story of the Two Wolves Within. It was such a huge honor… Continue

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Quotes - The Land is Sacred

Ojibwas harvesting wild rice in Wisconsin, 1910.

"The land is sacred. These words are at the core of your being. The land is our Mother, the rivers our blood. Take our land away and we die. That is, the Indian in us dies." ~~Mary Brave… Continue

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I want to let you all know that All Nations Circle has enough money for 3 more $500.00 scholarships for college students that needs to be dispensed by the end of October this year. One does not have to have tribal membership but does need tribal are you Lakota, Cherokee etc. You do not have to have a CDIB card. We know that there are many who are not 'recognized' by tribes but who have native blood and a desire to honor that. Awards are paid to the school on behalf of the… Continue

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Link - Age Old Wisdom for the New Economy

Photo caption: Left Hand Boy inside a tipi.

Age-Old Wisdom for the New Economy

Rebecca Adamson offers Native American views on scarcity, Wall Street, and how to thrive in hard times. by Sarah van Gelder, and Rebecca Adamson.

Indigenous peoples have known hard times. There are signs of drought, crop failure, and forced migration over the millennia, and of course these peoples survived centuries of… Continue

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