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January 2013 Blog Posts (7)

Plants - Navajo/Hopi Tea a/k/a Greenthread


Thelesperma megapotamicum is better known as either Navajo Tea or Hopi Tea. This herb has been gathered and prepared by these tribes for many centuries. The flower on this herb stands out in a radiant yellow beam extending from its long slender stalks. This perennial is also known as T. gracile. The…


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Contest - January 2013 Beloved "Pretty Pet" Contest


My babies, Sweet Black Toffee and Miss Carmel Corn




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What I am up to.

Halito everyone I hope you are all having a great year.  I don't know about you, but my wife and I have felt a tremendous shift in things recently.  My wife and I, as many of you know, run Acorn Haven Spiritual Center in Cecilia, KY where we share the teachings of our Grandfathers, Grandmothers and Elders.  We also hold ceremonies on a regular basis.  Six months ago we would have 5 to 10 new people a week contact us or show up on our doorstep wanting help to find a spiritual balance.  Now we…


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Creek - Micco Menawa or Hothlepoya


Micco Menawa' translates Chief Menawa. He was also known by the Natives as…


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Creek - Micco Chitto Harjo or Crazy Snake


Micco Chitto Harjo, 1846 - 1911, pronounced Ce-toe Ha-ar-jo, meaning Brave

Snake, while some called him Crazy Snake. Micco means Chief. 


Chief Brave Snake was a passionate and

charismatic Muscogee/Creek speaker and political warrior for his peoples culture



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Been Away

I have been away from here for over a year due to health this place changed and in a good way.  It is good to see so many walking a good path and sharing on this site.  You young ones here make us old ones proud...see your ancestors and what they stood one with our Earth Mother...remember your ways so that we are not owe this to them...they brought you not forget them.  Our ways will disappear if you do not keep them, walk them, tell the…


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2013 - Happy New Year!!!

Here's wishing you all a Happy and Healthful New Year in 2013!  I've been busy the last two years and have not been able to work on the site as much as I would like.  I moved twice, which meant selling our home TWICE over and all that it entails.  We are busy right-sizing our lifestyle - not based…


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