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On the left is Woodina (yes I name them all) feeding her baby Wally, son of Woodrow. They are Red Bellied Woodpeckers (even though it's their head as adults that are red). Woodina & Woodrow had twins this year - not shown is Woodetta the female fledgling. On the right is Don, the Downey Woodpecker male, his girl not pictured is Donnetta! :D He has a red dot on the back of his head. They are all regulars, so yep, I call 'em as I see 'em. We try to keep suet out year round as to enjoy the show. This particular feeder is made specifically for woodpeckers as the prop on the bottom is to hold their tails for easier feeding. They aren't usually on it on this particular tree. It works better hanging out from a limb in free air.

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